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August 16, 2018
Starting on Tuesday, September 4, and extending through Friday, September 7, (weather permitting), an asphalt rejuvenation project will be commencing on the roads within Breckenridge.  As you may have noticed, the roads are showing noticeable signs of aging.  The classic solution for road repairs is “mill and replace” meaning that the top layer of the asphalt is removed and a fresh layer of asphalt is applied.  However, the best way to extend the life of our existing roads is through use of a rejuvenation process.  This process entails the application of a proprietary liquid called PAVERX to the pavement.  It penetrates the asphalt binder, restoring its elasticity and binding capabilities.  It is analogous to applying lotion to chapped skin as it is restorative.  It is NOT the same as driveway sealer which is more analogous to paint and is totally unsuited for application on roads. 
The PAVERX liquid will be applied to all roads in Breckenridge over a 4-day period.  This will require one half of the roadway to be closed for a period of 24 hours once the road is closed on each day that road is being treated.  Application will begin at 8:00 AM each day, and will progress as the liquid is applied to all of the scheduled areas.  This means some sections will not close until later in the morning, and will formally remain closed until the following morning. One half of each road being treated will remain open during the entire treatment process.
Please avoid driving and walking on the newly treated surface during the time that your street is being rejuvenated if at all possible because the product will track. 
Attached is a detailed map showing which day(s) each road will receive the application.  During the asphalt rejuvenation project, we ask that residents and guests residing on the side of the street being treated for that day please park their vehicles necessary for use that day in a location that is away from the spray area – the easement area on the opposite side of the street is acceptable in most cases.  Note that this usually will be in the “front yard” of a neighbor, so please be respectful of their turf and landscaping in order to limit any possible damage.  Neighbors across the street from one another may wish to coordinate sharing their driveway space on alternate days.  Vehicles may also be parked in the ballfield lot and common area turf areas.  There shall be no vehicles parked on the street surfaces during this process.  Unless a vehicle is parked on the street, no towing enforcement will occur during the length of the project.
The Jefferson County Public Schools bus yard supervisor has been made aware of this project, and we do not anticipate any major delays or problems with school bus routes or stops.  Apple Valley Waste has also been notified and trash services may be affected – please visit the Breckenridge website or Facebook page for any last-minute updates with regard to trash service.  Note that service is already delayed by one day that week due to the Labor Day holiday.
We understand that this will be a nuisance to members; however, the nuisance is temporary and once the project is complete the Association will enjoy freshly coated roads and an enhanced aesthetic.  After several weeks the Association will have the existing speed bumps, bus line, stop lines, and no parking zones (mailbox area) repainted. 
The rejuvenation project status will be updated daily on the Breckenridge website ( and Facebook page.  This will include any required weather-related delays or rescheduling. 
Anyone wanting additional information on the PAVERX product may visit the Total Asphalt website at
We do anticipate that minor asphalt repairs will be made in limited locations, mainly on Barrel Horse Drive, prior to the PAVERX application.  These repairs should not have a significant effect on road travel and may require only minimal access delays.  The date for this work has not yet been confirmed.
The Board of Directors and I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and willingness to assist in making the project go as smoothly as possible.  If you have any specific questions, please contact Heather Field directly at or 304-596-6630 ext. 1104.

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