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~ !!! HOT NEWS !!! ~
Dear Homeowners,
The Stay at Home order issued by Governor Justice has required Clagett Management to make some adjustments to how we work and interact with the public. As a small, family-owned business, we are grateful to be able to continue to provide management services during this difficult time. However, please note that our office is closed to the public, and with the exception of minimal activities required to maintain basic operations, managers and staff are performing required duties from their residences.
Although our office is closed, we will still be processing mail, and there is a secure mail slot at our Martinsburg office should you need to physically remit payment or any other correspondence. In addition, we will continue to process invoices and payments to vendors, process association payments from homeowners, process Architectural applications and continue inspections in your community (from the “safety” of our vehicles). Phone messages are being routed to appropriate managers, and managers will be accessible directly via email. Unfortunately, all in-person meetings are restricted at this time.
If we do our part by making sacrifices now, it will slow the spread of this virus and save lives. We have made alterations in the way we work, but we’re determined to stay focused and provide great service for our valued clients. We appreciate your business very much and look forward to serving you well past these trying times.
We wish you and your families good health and safety.
Thomas G. Clagett, CMCA, AMS
Clagett Management, LLC

~ Announcements ~
Annual Meeting Held - July 2019
The Breckenridge Annual Meeting was held July 18th, at Sam Michael's Park Community Room.  At the meeting, Roger Forshee was elected to serve a 3-year term on the Board of Directors.  Many thanks to outgoing member Todd Milliron, who completed a 3-year term on the Board of Directors.

Utility Trailers Not Permitted
Due to a visible increase in street parking as well as an increase in the number of non-passenger vehicles in the community, the Board of Directors recently discussed and ultimately obtained legal counsel in order to clarify parking restrictions within the Breckenridge subdivision.   Although the language in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions can sometimes be ambiguous, Article VI, Section 1(i) very clearly prohibits trailers from being maintained upon any Lot or upon the Common Areas at any time.   Article VI, Section 1(f)1 also very clearly prohibits parking along the private streets. 
The streets within the subdivision are quite narrow, so street parking certainly can impede the flow of traffic.  Trailer and other non-passenger vehicle parking within driveways is also presenting a safety concern, as it sometimes causes resident and/or guest parking to spill over to the street.  
In an effort to minimize street parking as well as to uphold the restrictions established in the Declaration, the HOA will be strictly enforcing the parking of utility trailers within the subdivision.  This includes trailers parked in driveways and upon Lots.  For the purposes of enforcement, “utility trailer” shall be defined as a non-motorized vehicle which is generally pulled by a motorized vehicle and features an open or closed top cargo area and is used for the hauling of loads.
Please note that the parking of trailers will be strictly enforced after August 31, 2019, and non-compliance shall be subject to the adopted Rules Enforcement Procedures.  If you are currently parking a utility trailer on your property, please make arrangements to have it stored elsewhere.  Street parking is currently actively enforced.

Increase in Quarterly Assessment
Effective January 1, the quarterly assessment will be $132.00 (up from $126.00).  Please update any online banking or auto debit information to reflect the new payment amount.
Also, please be aware of your new account number (printed on your invoice), as well as the payment address:
PO Box 97831
Las Vegas, NV 89193-7831

What's Going On...
The Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss the operations of the Homeowners Association.  Here are a few items they decided/discussed at or since the last meeting: 
The 2019 budget was approved with a $6 per quarter increase in the assessment.
R&L Landscapes, Inc. was awarded the snow removal contract.
Bids are being solicited for the 2019 landscape contract.
Approved projects still pending completion:  Painting of yellow line, speed bumps, and stop bars on roadways, repainting of the mail station door and cupola, renovation of entrance monument landscaping, removal of excessive vegetation in storm swale/pond area.

New Snow Removal Contractor for Winter 2018/19
The Board of Directors has evaluated the services received by the snow removal contractor over the past several years, and have decided to award the contract to a new contractor for the upcoming season.  This winter, R&L Landscapes will be servicing the Breckenridge community for snow removal services.  Note that services are triggered when the accumulated snow reaches 2”.  Ice is treated as needed on a case by case basis.  Our hope is that this will be a positive change for the community.  

2019 Assessment Increase
After six years of no increases, the assessment will increase from $126 to $132 per quarter, effective January 1st, 2019.  Overall Breckenridge is in a very strong financial position, and the Board of Directors would like to maintain that position while ensuring that the common areas continue to be well kept, and the recommended funding levels are met for the reserve accounts.  
You will receive a billing notice several weeks prior to each quarterly due date – the January billing notices will be mailed in December. 
Owners who participate in online bill pay, either through your bank for the HOA’s web pay site, will need to increase the quarterly payment amount to $132.00.   Please also note that the new billing notices reflect a new account number, which should be used going forward.   As always, online payments may be made via e-check (no fee) or credit/debit cards (bank fee applies) at

Annual Meeting Held - July 2018
The Breckenridge Annual Meeting was held July 19th, at Sam Michael's Park Community Room.  At the meeting, owner Sarah Harper was elected to serve a three year term on the Board of Directors.  Many thanks to outgoing member Gagan Batra, who completed a term on the Board of Directors.


~ Upcoming Events ~
Quarterly BOD Meeting
Thursday, April 16th, 7:00 PM at Sam Michael's Park Community Room
Residents are welcome to attend!
Spring Yard Sale
Saturday, June 6th, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Set up in your yard or driveway!
Quarterly BOD Meeting
Thursday, July 16th, 7:00 PM at Sam Michael's Park Community Room
Residents are welcome to attend!
Fall Yard Sale
Saturday, October 3rd, 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Set up in your driveway!

~ Online Payment ~
Effective 1/01/2019 - HOA fees are $528 annually, billed in quarterly installments of $132.
Payments may be made by mail, in person at Clagett Management, via online bill pay, or online by clicking here.  Online payments via e-check are "free", whereas online payments via credit or debit card are subject to a bank fee.  If paying online, you will need the Management ID (6972), Association ID (374), and your account number.

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Contact Clagett Management at 304-596-6630, or

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